Rinomata Rameria Mazzetti

Jolanda e Cesare Mazzetti

At the end of the 19th century, my grandfather was a farmer. After falling from an oak tree, he had to stop this activity and came back to Montepulciano. He was good at metal working, so he started crafting copper. He used to buy rough copper from a foundry in Gran Sasso to make his pots.

Cesare e Iolanda Mazzetti have inherited a long family tradition in copper crafting.

Hand-made copper pots have special characteristics which cannot be reproduced at industrial level. As we said in another section, cooking with copper is the best choice to obtain an excellent quality of cooked food, to preserve organoleptic characteristics, etc. But for this to be true, copper pots must be crafted starting from a 100% pure copper foil and flame-tinned with 100% pure tin.
So, our crafting must aim at creating an object made of these two materials. Let's see.